A Guide to Effortless Holiday Decoration Storage

A person wearing a Santa hat arranges Christmas decorations in a plastic storage bin.

As the holiday season comes to an end, before planning your New Year’s party and setting a resolution, you’ll want to make a plan for storing holiday decorations. From your Christmas tree to lawn decorations, it’s important to properly stow seasonal items so they stay in good condition for next year. Throughout this blog, the storage experts from The Storage Manager share helpful tips for storing different types of holiday decorations, like Christmas ornaments, garlands, and more.

Tips for Storing Holiday Home Decor

How To Store Christmas Ornaments

Colorful Christmas ornaments are stored in a cardboard box with protective dividers.

Christmas ornaments are some of the most delicate decorations to store, so you’ll need to be cautious while packing and stowing them. Fill additional space or secure your ornaments in place to prevent them from shifting around and breaking. You can do this by selecting a box meant for ornament storage with dividers or using a normal box and wrapping your ornaments with spare clothing or crumpled newspaper.

Store ornaments that aren’t breakable at the bottom of your storage container, such as those made out of plastic or metal. If you want to take extra precautions, store non-fragile ornaments in one box and fragile ornaments in another.

How To Store a Christmas Tree

The best way to store a Christmas tree is in its original packaging. Just be sure to remove all lights, ornaments, and garlands before carefully placing the tree in its box. If your Christmas tree is pre-lit, consider using a protective wrap to prevent bulbs from breaking.

If you’d prefer a more durable storage option, try using a Christmas tree bag with wheels. Some companies also make Christmas containers that stand upright to save floor space.

How To Store Garland So It Doesn’t Tangle

Strands of Christmas garland spread across a wood table.

Few things tangle more easily than Christmas garland, so it’s important to pack it away carefully so you don’t have a jumbled mess on your hands. A way to store garland so it doesn’t tangle is to wrap each strand around individual pieces of cardboard. Store the spooled garland on the cardboard in a large Ziploc bag to prevent it from becoming unraveled and tangled.

How To Store Christmas Village Houses

Just like Christmas ornaments, Christmas village houses can easily be broken if not stored properly. Pack each house cautiously, using newspaper, tissue, or old clothing to cushion each one. Add a layer of cushioning to the bottom of your box using fabric or paper materials. After placing each wrapped house in the box or storage container, use packing materials to cushion the spaces in between the houses.

Ways To Store Christmas Yard Decor

How To Store Large Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Many outdoor Christmas decorations are large and bulky, making them difficult to pack and store. Because of their size, your yard decorations probably won’t fit inside closets. Opt to store Christmas decorations in your garage, an outdoor shed, or your attic instead. If you don’t have space anywhere in your home or apartment, consider a small self storage unit.

Christmas Light Storage Ideas

A strand of multicolor Christmas lights sits, coiled in a cardboard box.

Similar to garland, Christmas lights are bound to tangle without careful packing and storage considerations. You’ll also have the added challenge of ensuring each bulb is protected. Wrap strands of lights around plastic spools or scraps of cardboard to prevent tangling. Then, add an extra layer of protection to the bulbs by wrapping spools in tissue or newspaper. While you pack up your lights, check for any broken bulbs and replace them before storing them.

How To Store Christmas Inflatables

Inflatable Christmas decorations have become increasingly popular thanks to their cute designs and low-effort installation. To ensure your inflatable characters last another Christmas, carefully deflate and fold up each character, then stow them in individual large bags or plastic containers. To save space, store your folded inflatables in vacuum-sealed bags.

Rent Holiday Decoration Storage From The Storage Manager

When you run out of room for your holiday decorations in your home, The Storage Manager can help. We offer seasonal storage units in facilities across the country, perfect for stowing holiday decorations until next year. After choosing a location, select the storage unit you need and follow the prompts to rent online. For help selecting a storage unit size, try out our size guide. If you need any assistance renting your storage unit or have additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. For more helpful packing and storage tips, check out our other blog posts.

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