Management Pricing

Management Prices

One-time onboarding fee* starting at $3,500

​The monthly management fee includes our Call Center!

Management fee includes

  • Call Center
  • Management Services
  • CPO supervision
  • Collections and Auction management
  • Basic Marketing services
  • Rate Management

Routine expenses an Owner will have

  • CPO personnel, on site-labor
  • Specific Marketing expenses such as Website, SEO, PPC and Ad Campaigns
  • Management software- Sitelink or StorEdge 
  • ​“Technology Fee” of $50/mo for Collection software.

Bookkeeping fees

Basic – for $350/mo

Advance – for $500/mo

Bookkeeping Information

Social Media Marketing Fees

Monthly fees 

  • Option 1: $150/mo
  • Option 2: $300/mo
  • Option 3: $450/mo 
Social Media Marketing Information


  • The onboarding fee is required before any work begins on the project. Must be paid 30 days prior to Closing Date.
  • The Storage Manager will purchase supplies, such as cleaning supplies, wasp spray and retail locks, on behalf of the owner. We will invoice for those additional charges. 
  • Our management services are based on a 12 month contract.
  • The Storage Manager will approve small and routine repairs to the facility. Beyond small and routine, the owner will be consulted prior to any improvements.