Call Center

Technology has a great impact on Self Storage businesses. Fundamentally, Storage is still a people business and much of the time, you need to talk to them. Our Call Center is the foundation of The Storage Manager’s Management System. We designed it for outgoing calls as well as incoming so tenants get a faster response than if they had to wait for a Manager to call them. We are quite proud of our performance!

Call Center Set-Up

  • Our Call Center software is integrated with the Property Management software, so when a tenant calls, their information is pre-populated onto the screen our Agent is looking at when they answer the phone.
  • Each storage facility has its own phone number so our team is are able to answer the phone with a personalized greeting mentioning your facility’s name.

Basic Services

  • Process Credit/ Debit Payments
  • Answer tenant questions regarding overlocks, fee schedules, security, rodents, site conditions, and transferring units. 
  • Dispense gate codes
  • Forward maintenance issues to our Facility Managers

Sales Services

  • Accurately represent the facility and available units to prospective tenants
  • Educate the new tenant on facility features such as auto payment, gate operation, access hours, and unit location.
  • Discuss the need for Tenant Insurance​
  • Complete the rental utilizing e-sign and credit/debit card payments​
  • Answer follow up questions enhancing the tenant experience.